Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Earrings in my shop!

Things have been a bit slow in my shop, but busy busy busy in my studio!! I have been working up a storm creating new items for my shop and for the Girdwood art gallery that will be selling my jewelry for me! =) I hate not adding new items continuously, but I will be updating my shop more now that I have a lot more items ready!!
Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend!! Here you will find AAA quality rock crytal quartz diamond briolette earrings wrapped in sterling silver wire.  These are such a beauty!
Moon Glow - White moonstone pear briolettes, delicately wrapped in sterling silver wire and suspended from leverback style earwires.
Sunshine - Citrine oval gemstones and hammered discs, that hang from handmade sterling silver earwires, all oxidized, brushed and polished to add a bit of rustic appeal!! I absolutely love how these earrings turned out!!

Please check my Etsy shop for these items and check back often for new items to be coming!!!

Thank You!~


Jessica Beyer said...

I love how you take your pictures I used to take kinda good pics but now mine are horrible. I am thinking about buying some tile and taking pics on those.

Challene said...

Hi Jessica!
Thank you so much for the sweet compliment!! I have been working soooooo hard on my pictures! I have only recently started taking a bit better ones because I found a better technique to use with my camera! =) The secret is: Lower ISO (I think my camera is on 200 ISO), Larger Aperture, and Lower shutter speed. I just put my camera on manual and played with these until the work for me. Also, I normally take my pictures inside, but since Spring has hit, I started taking my pictures outside on cloudy days. I think pictures are the hardest part for me. Also, when I do take pictures inside, I use a piece of slate that I recenlty got at a tile store. It works well for me. Good luck to you and if you need anymore help, I can send you to the place I found recently that has been helping me! =)

Thanks for the follow!!!